Welcome to the home of the digital wing-men. 
We are a group of like minded gents who, when given the opportunity travel around the country and the world (when budgets allow) to photograph all things aviation.

We are based in New Zealand where we have access to some of the rarest machines to grace our skies. Including but not limited to perhaps the largest flying fleet of World War 1 replica aircraft.

In 2012 we also witnessed the revival of a fully restored De Havilland Mosquito, then in 2013 a fully restored Focke Wulf 190.
Because of these rare events, our photos not only provide you with wonderful references for military, commercial or private aircraft but they also serve as visual historical references as many of these aircraft represent only a few remaining types still flying globally today.
With images showcasing classics from as early as the 1920's to most modern jet marvels of the 21st century, we hope you find our blog of great interest and we encourage you to share your thoughts and comments.

From the team at digital wing-men, lets get up up and away


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